W4_A2_Grader output error

Currently I am doing Neural Networks and Deep Learning by DeepLearning.AI In Week 4 Programming Assignment: Deep Neural Network - Application, even i completed doing the assignment correctly its showing 0/100 could you please pass me assignment.

What does the “show grader output” say? That should tell you why your score is 0/100.

If you did the assignment correctly, you would pass all the tests in the notebook AND you would get 100/100 score.

The grader uses different tests than the notebook. Most likely, your code doesn’t work correctly for the grader’s test cases.

Tell me what is the problem

if my code is wrong i should get error right
but for me all run correctly

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

can you check this

If you look a bit more carefully, you will see that you do not pass the tests in the notebook. The two_layer model only returns one return value, but the test code expects two. So how does that count as “passing the tests”? Here’s what I see in the notebook you gave us:

Note that one way that type of mismatch can happen is if you copied a solution from an old version of this notebook. It would have to be pretty old (before April 2021). So if you found that on GitHub, note that would be a violation of the rules. And it also doesn’t work. :laughing:

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And you have the same issue on L_layer_model:

Note that you must have “hacked” the actual training cells, as opposed to the test cells, so that they match your altered function signature. That makes the training work, but the grader is going to test your functions using the original function signatures, not your modified versions, which is why you fail the grader.

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Thank You

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Is it possible to reset code, To Star from starting

Thank you

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Yes, there is a topic about how to do that on the DLS FAQ Thread.

Thanks for information

can you provide me How to start this assignment from starting?

It’s the very first topic on the DLS FAQ Thread that I linked above. If you tried it and it didn’t work, that means you didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Please read them again. In the first couple of paragraphs it makes the point that you need to rename your existing notebook out of the way first and it even shows you in painstaking detail how to do that.