Assignment week 4 Convolution Neural Networks

I cannot submit the due assignments .How do I submit those assignments??

You click on the “Submit Assignment” button at the top of the notebook.

No There is no submit option thats why I am asking .Sorry but I don’t see any .I have searched the entire notebook .I could’nt submit it when It hadn’t cross due date .I can’t submit it now also

There is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread. Please have a look and then let us know if the suggestions there don’t fix your problem.

The other thing to say here is that the deadlines here are fake, in the sense that there is no penalty for missing them. They will just automatically reset when you miss them. So just ignore that and proceed at the pace that works for you.

Thankyou .But I have tried every options available.I cannot submit I don’t know why I can’t submit those assignments.Sorry

There is one “last resort” thing to try. It may be that your account is in some bad state. Have you tried logging out of Coursera and back in again? If that also doesn’t work, then I think you need to contact the Coursera Help Center and ask them to “unenroll” you from the course and then “re-enroll” you. You probably want to save your completed notebooks first, just in case. Do “File → Download (as notebook)”. If you end up with files with “.json” extensions, that’s ok. If you ever need to upload them, you’ll want to rename them first to have the “.ipynb” extension.

Thank you so much for your reply.Really appreciate .I finally got to submit my assignment.Thankyou so much for your help.Means a lot professor ! :blush:

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