Auto grader problem

I have been having problems with the auto grader for week 2 lab. Assignment. Im quite sure I worked on it correctly after 3 days of trying to subit my work I still get a 0% failure which certainly cannot be correct as all the tests have passed . I tried submitting a report to coursera and they directed me here . Should I just leave it up to you here to grade it ?

When grader gives you a zero, it also gives you the reason for it. Please click on the “Show grader output” and share that full feedback with us.

Please read this. After reading this, if you think you need to get the fresh copy of your notebook, here is the guide.

i have done that for exercise 1 and 2

in the beginning of each cell i typed in :


GRADED FUNCITON: <compute_cost>

and for exercise 2


GRADED FUNCITON: <compute_gradient>

and i still got the same result with the same feedback .
is there anyway i can get this graded by a person? as i dont think its fair to fail over it if i have done it correctly over an autograder . my dedline is today .

It should be like this:

# UNQ_C1
# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_cost


# UNQ_C2
# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_gradient

thank you so much ! it finally worked :slight_smile: