Technical Error: All Tests Passed But Still Didn't Get The Mark

Hello all,

I’ve been communicating for over an hour with the staff of Coursera to find out why having passed all tests in the Week 3 Assignment, still I did not get my Grade.

Here are the screenshots:

I was supposed to get 100% but I got 0% two times indicating I should try again. I followed advice by my mentor fixed my codes but here’s the result.

Can you explain?


Did you change the name of the lab in the top?

I have named my project “Assignment Project B”. The grader output says can’t compile student’s code.

What’s wrong?

Hi @Menelaos_Gkikas,

Besides the public tests (that you have passed), there is another set of tests which the autograder uses to check the returns of your functions. It is possible that a function passes the public tests but fails the autograder.

Also, I have heard many times that we need to stick to the original notebook name or the grading results may be affected. So here are my suggestions:

  1. Change the name back to “C1_W3_Logistic_Regression”

  2. Submit it

  3. If failed, please share a screenshot of any messages by the autograder

I will not be available soon, so if it fails again, then I hope other mentors can help you.


I’ll be on the look out in case I can assist.

As @rmwkwok mentioned, changing the name of the labs may affect the auto grader. Please follow the instructions provided by @rmwkwok to go back to the original name.

Also, moving forward, try not renaming your labs, nor adding/changing text or cells outside of the specific areas where you can add your code. Any change outside your permitted areas may affect the autograder.

I just changed the name of the lab I submitted. It didn’t affect the 2nd week but it affected the 3rd. I had also a different name in week 2. Anyway, here it is:

Thanks a lot for your help folks!

You cannot change the file name of a notebook. The grader looks for fixed file names for each assignment, regardless of what file you have open when you click on the Submit button.

Thanks for the idea, Mr. TMosh! This means we should seek for the initial entitlement, right?