Autograder issue - Week 3 Practise Exam - 0/100 while passing tests

  • Week: 3 - Exams
  • Link to the classroom item you are referring to: Coursera Link: …machine-learning/programming/vPfeK/week-3-practice-lab-logistic-regression
  • Description: Grading states 0/100 while passing tests.

I have reported the issue and filed a case (04765730) with the coursera team, however they are unable to assist in this matter.

It is frustrating after passing all the exams and taking this course for more than 40h involvement, that the completing exam seems to fail with the autograder. Tests are passed and it still shows 0/100 points and therefor fails the grading.

Aside from the system recommendation “You can still pass this assignment before the course ends” and the error reference “Cell #17. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError(‘only size-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalars’)” i dont get any issues that i can work with. I have tried to retake the test, which gets to the same output issue and i cant modify the flagged error.

Any advice?

Advice. Fix the errors in your notebook, then grade it again.

Passing the tests in the notebook does not prove your code is perfect. The grader uses different tests.

The cell you cannot edit is code that tests the functions you modified. You can find the cell number by counting them.

Thank you Tmosh! Really appreciate your advice.

I have tried to fix the error, though i am not able to change the flagged error. I tried this and it didnt work, that is the reason why im reaching out. Is there a possibility to reset the entire jupyter notebook of this exam to retake the test from the start? Is there a guide for this exam to show how to fix this type of issues?


The error says that in one of the functions, your code is returning a vector instead of a scalar.

So start by looking at the return values for every function. Find the ones that should return a scalar. Verify the code is correct.

I was able to identify the issue. It was that in Exercise 3 i had written “return dj_dw, dj_db” instead of “return dj_db, dj_dw”.

This inverse mistake had the impact to the entire course was not passed. I would have expected that this mistake may lead to something like 98 / 100 rating or even a bit less, but not to 0/100.

Thanks everyone who has helped. I hope that ticket may help others too who struggled on this course, as literally everything else was correct.

Anyway, resolved it now.

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