Coursera | Problem with Autograder in Week 4 of Deep learning Specialization's 1st course

Autograder is showing 0/100 but also all test cases passed. can you share a fresh copy of the notebook?

Hi @Nabayan_Saha ,

I have just rerun all the code and submitted my assignment without any issue.
Could you try refresh the kernel and rerun all the code, from the menu bar of your notebook:
kernel ->restart & clear all output
cell-> run all
after checking all the outputs are as expected without any error, then hit the submit button on the top right.

The problem remains,I wonder can you share the fresh file of the code? so that I can code again as I’ve changed here and there so many things in the code.

We had a private discussion about this on another thread and the problem is that the notebook is very old and no longer compatible with the grader. I hope this is not the case, but my guess is it was probably copied from GitHub. If my guess on that is right, note that is cheating according to the course rules.

There is a topic about how to get a clean copy of the notebook here which is linked from the DLS FAQ Thread.