Course 1, Week 4, Assignment 2

Hi everyone,

I’m having the following problem. The Grader rated my work with 0/100, but when I tested in the Jupyter Notebook all are Ok. I passed all tests, so I don’t know what is wrong with my assignment.


Giovanny B.

Please show us the actual output from the grader. Make sure to click the “Show Grader Output” link on the “My Submissions” tab.

The usual cause for 0 point is that something is corrupted or damaged in the structure of your notebook. Usually the error message from the grader will give some indication if it is that type of problem. Generally speaking when you ask for help, it’s good to give as much information as you can. Just saying “I have a problem” or “I got 0 points from the grader” doesn’t give us much to go on. The other thing that may be a surprise to you is that everyone’s notebooks are private: we can’t see your code or your grades, so we can’t help you except from information you give us here.

Theses are the screenshots of the output from the Grader

Are you sure that you did not modify the cell that creates train_x in the notebook? E.g. perhaps accidentally turn it into “Markdown” instead of code?

Thank you so much. I was able to solve the problem. As you say, it is likely that I accidentally modified the cell. I restored my assignment notebook to its original state, I did the homework again, and I sent it