C4W2 grading issues

I am getting a grade of 0% for the week 2 lab assignment, although it passes all of the test cases. I have not changed any pre-existing code or added any variables.

What is the detailed feedback from the grader? Please post a screen capture image.

You are not getting a grade on anything here, if you have solved it and passed all tests in the notebook, maybe the name of the workbook is not the official one, check that as first step!

Not sure what you mean. What is the name of the official workbook?

It’s the filename the notebook originally had when you started the assignment.

The grader always uses the original notebook name. So you cannot grade a notebook that has a modified filename.

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In the grader feedback, click on the > icons, and a text box will appear with detailed information. Please post a screen capture image of that.

I started a new workbook and re-did the assignment and it appears to have worked now.

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