AWS account deactivated at 2023-08-04T11:10:37-07:00

Hello community
I have encountered a technical issue while attempting to start the “Week 3 lab: Train a model with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot” Whenever I try to start the lab from Vocareum, it does not initiate, and I receive the message: “AWS account deactivated at 2023-08-04T11:10:37-07:00.”

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@esanina Please help

@Mubsi Please help

Hi @esanina,

Can you help here ?

@skander_tlili, can you share the email ID you use for AWS ?


Here is my email ID

Hope that will be fixed before 2023/08/11 which is expiration date of the lab

Thank you in advance

@skander_tlili thank you for the messages. I have refreshed your lab account. Could you please try to access it again and let me know if there will be any issues.

@Mubsi @esanina

Problem solved
I deeply appreciate the assistance provided by you staff in resolving the issue I encountered during the online course. Your support made a significant difference.

Thank you!