Beginner user for Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I’m having a lot of issues trying to figure out what to do with the C1_W2_linear_regression lab assignment. I don’t have any programming experience and only understand a surface level of Python.

In this lab assignment, I believe I’m supposed to “run the cell below to import all the packages.” When I’m in the ln [2], in the next cell, on my Mac, I select “shift” + “return” key and nothing happens. The cell I’m referring to is the following:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from utils import *
import copy
import math
%matplotlib inline

I place my cursor in the cell, select “shift” + “return” and I don’t see anything happening. Please tell me how to confirm that I have imported the contents in the cell correctly.
Else, can you point me to a group, or chat, where people can help each other on these basic instructions?

An import command doesn’t print any output. But you can check that the commands worked by running a later cell that uses one of the functions that were imported. E.g. they probably call something from np or plt or math later in the notebook. But note that you generally want to run all the cells in the notebook in order and not to skip around, because there are typically ordering dependencies meaning that the cells are designed to be run in order.

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In addition to Paul’s comments, I recommend you take an introductory Python course now, and come back to this course afterward.

This is a programming course, and you will need the basic skills to succeed here.

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Ok, I’ve started a Python class.
Re: the assignment, am I supposed to add answers directly in the notebook, or do I attach separate files to submit? That part is confusing. Where is the work done and how is it submitted.

You edit the cells in the notebook where the instructions say to add your code. Typically it’s marked by a comment block



Or something similar.