Lab Problems - don't know how to program

I am fine with all calculus and math but I cannot understand how to work on the lab. Where can I get instructions about how to run the program. I feel stuck.



Quick answer, Follow the labs in order , don’t skip anything , there are labs which explain how to run code in notebooks, how to install python libraries , how to import them etc.
If you are feeling struck , all you need is python refresher on Jupyter notebook , you can find multiple videos on youtube which you can follow step by step.
Relating with my experience in initial days of learning , you might be feeling that you are not getting it , but believer you are getting, this being a different field you are not gaining complete confidence, so give it more time and keep trying. you are doing great, all the best.


If you just want to know how to “run” the code, then you may just select the code cell that you want to run (after we start a notebook, we always run from the first code cell and one-by-one down to the buttom), and then either click the “Run” button image on the menu bar, or hit “Shift+Enter” on keyboard.

If you are looking for some suggestions for learning Python, then here is a 10-minute post that will give you some overview.

If you are looking for how to program an algorithm, then here is another 20-minute post that will walk through some thinking processes.

This course is not for teaching Python and we need learners to be able to read and write some Python to complete the assignment. If you are not familiar with it, then check out the above overview and I suggest you to make a plan for self-learning Python.


Thanks for the suggestions. When I enrolled I understood that no programming was required and even though I used to program long time ago on ASCII and fortran IV it is difficult for me to follow the lab. The steps suggested in my opinion are for people that know python programming and not for a broad audience which is what I thought. Is there any specific place you can suggest I can learn the basics to work on the lab assignments or should I take a specific course of python/ user guide/command /instructions?. I feel frustrated because algebra and math are easy for me but I am stuck on the labs. I will be alert to your feedback to see if it is more convenient for me to learn python first and drop the class.
Alejandro Klurfan


Thanks for the feedback! It seems that my suggestions are not the most suitable ones, then let’s keep this thread open for others to share their suggestions with you. In the meantime, I would also recommend you to search for others’ experiences on internet. For example, these are some that I have found (1, 2, 3). I guess they might be closer to your situations and their comments might be of value to you. Besides those recommended by learners on the internet, you might also search for “Python” on coursera and set the “Beginner” filter to filter out advanced courses, then audit the courses that look helpful.

We do not have any official Python course list for the Machine Learning Specialization, but I think above will be some useful ways for you to find courses that work best for you. I would also like to welcome you to share your experience back with us (on the MLS Resources category of this forum) if you find some excellent Python courses, since it will undoubtedly be very useful to future learners.

Thanks, and cheers,