BLEU score video vs assignment

The BLEU score video and un-graded assignment are very different! It’s so confusing starting the assignment after the video. Am I missing something here?

The video shows how to calculate BLEU score for 1 gram and that’s it. It doesn’t go into detail of n-grams or brevity penalty or how we end up with the product. It would have been nice to explain all that. If you put in all the effort to create the assignment notebook, you might as well explain the material in the videos instead of leaving such a glaring gap there :man_shrugging: :confused:

If we are expected to read about it in more detail somewhere else, at least provide resources don’t just leave us hanging like that.


Hi @mazatov.

You can check the ungraded lab on BLEU Score. Also, you can read the paper on which the BLEU score is introduced or this article on it.

Hope it helps.

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Hey @darivadi, appreciate the links. That article was very helpful. In the end, I found the video by Andrew NG’s original deep learning specialization(course 5) on Bleu score that went into a lot of detail and explained the concept well.

I would strongly recommend for this course to link the article you mentioned and Andrew’s video in the notes because the jump from the video of the class to the notebook is quite abrupt and gives you the feeling that you missed something important. The notebook is really not sufficient to understand the concept. Andrew’s video is ~ 10 minutes long and you really need all those 10 minutes to understand the concept as it’s not trivial at all.

Hope the feedback helps,