Broken Link for TensorFlow 2.0 public repo to access the cats_vs_dogs lab

The “Installation and Resources” video pauses and gives a screen pop-up with the following message:

Please use the TensorFlow 2.0 public repo to access the cats_vs_dogs lab. The link to this lab can be found here.

However, when I go to that link, I get a 404 error:

How should I proceed?

Is this the correct repo to use GitHub - https-deeplearning-ai/tensorflow-2-public ?

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Hey @Steven1,

Yes when i opened this link:

I found the folders and everything were fine so is your problem solved and you accessed the project file successfully?

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Yes, it is. But since the correct link is given in an earlier part of the course, someone should probably update the pop-up, since it still is broken.

Thx for the confirmation!


I can confirm that the link that appears in this video points to

While the correct link is tensorflow-2-public/C2_Device-based-TF-lite/W2/ungraded_labs/android_apps/cats_vs_dogs at main · https-deeplearning-ai/tensorflow-2-public · GitHub

The link in the course should be corrected.

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