Expired link for cats and dogs dataset used in TF-AT Course 3 Lab 1 ("C3_W1_Lab_1_transfer_learning_cats_dogs.ipynb")

In the Colab notebook for TF-AT Course 3 Lab 1 on Transfer Learning (“C3_W1_Lab_1_transfer_learning_cats_dogs.ipynb”), it appears the link for the Kaggle cats and dogs dataset is broken:

This link does not work (404 - File or directory not found.):

It appears the same dataset is available here:

So you can substitute the new link for the other link in the Colab notebook. I’m not sure what (if anything) has changed in the alternate file, but it appears to work for the lab and provide the same number and type of images as expected in the original file.

If there is a better link to the required dataset, please post it in this thread.

Thanks, @ai_developer, but when I load the assignment, I see it is already using …/kagglecasanddogs_5340.zip
Is it possible you are using an older version of the lab?

Hi Wendy,

Yes, it is possible I happen to have an older version of the lab. The version I used in Colab came from the course repo (i.e., GitHub) that I found online rather than a version downloaded from Coursera.

I noticed that in Laurence’s TF for Developers course, he highlighted the location of the course repo, whereas for this course, he didn’t (as far as I am aware). I had to search for it online. Perhaps it still has a slightly older version of this lab.