Bug in "Building Systems with the ChatGPT API"

Dear all,
I tried to complete the short course “Building Systems with the ChatGPT API” but there is a bug in the modules 2 and 3 that prevent to finish the course. Actually I made all the modules but these two cannot be completed.

Welcome to the community! Are you still experiencing this issue? It might be good to start with the standard fixes and see if clearing your cache/cookies resolves the issue. If it’s still not working afterwards, let us know.

Hi Henry, I have started the course in “Building Systems with the ChatGPT API” and the same bug in module 2 is preventing me to finish the course. I have completed all the modules except for the second module. I have cleared the cookies and cache but the issue is not resolved.

Hello @Venkatesh.A ,

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What’s your issue?

And kindly post it under the correct category of “Building Systems with the ChatGPT API”, elaborating your issue.

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