C1_W1_Lab02_Model_Representation_Soln Errors


In the Lab02 I have got the correct output only in the last task:
In all the previous tasks I have received errors, the 2 examples are below:

Could you please advise what I am doing wrongly.
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Hi, my name is Kevin Im a mexican living on Denver and it is my first course in AI, im too exited to doing this and learn new thing and share whit other people. I don’t really know nothing about programming or AI but im doing my best to learn about it.

You have to use the statement: Import “Numpy” as “np” in order to give a value for the abreviation “np”

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Thank you very much for your tip, it’s really helpful!

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You have to run all of the cells in the notebook, starting from the first cell, every time you open the notebook.

Just to be clear, that statement is already in the notebook in the first cell.

You do not need to (and should not) add that to any of your code cells.