C1_W1_Lab03 controls/sliders not rendering for plots

I am running the notebook on local machine (Mac). Plotting the graphs is working fine but they are not interactive. Details below:

  1. plt_intuition(x_train, y_train) is plotting the graphs fine but the sliders are not drawn to play with the w value! I see the following error message below the graphs.

interactive(children=(IntSlider(value=150, description=‘w’, max=400, step=10), Output()), _dom_classes=('widge…

  1. plt_stationary(x_train, y_train) and plt_update_onclick(fig, ax, x_train, y_train, dyn_items) are plotting fine but not interactive.

  1. soupbowl() is not interactive.

I am assuming that I will run into similar issues in future labs and would greatly appreciate if anyone can point me in the direction of fixing this in local env.


There are issues with making these tools work on a Mac.

Thanks for your reply @TMosh
That is a bummer to hear some functionality doesn’t work on Mac. I wonder moving to Notebook 7 makes any difference (I guess not)!