Course-1:Week1-Lab4 - Running code on local machine

Hi, I am trying to run the lab on my local machine in Jupyter but the code plt_intuition(x_train,y_train) is not working. I see only the slider but not the graph. Can someone help me? Thank you.


Make sure you start the jupyter notebook server from the correct directory so that it can access all the files.
In the case of the Labs if you downloaded it using Lab Files → Download all files, start the jupyter notebook server from the “work” folder.
If using Visual Studio Code open folder → “work” then open the lab file.

Hi, I did that but it is still not working. I don’t see the graph.

Is the Slider there?
Try moving it a little and wait.

Yes, the slider is there and it is moving. I waited for some time but there is no graph.

I got the graph working by using %matplotlib inline. But I have one more problem, the graph that got plotted using the below code, I am unable to update the values of w and b on the graph dynamically by clicking a point on the graph. Can you please help me? Thank you.

fig, ax, dyn_items = plt_stationary(x_train, y_train)
updater = plt_update_onclick(fig, ax, x_train, y_train, dyn_items)

i got the issues resolved.Thank you for all the help

how did you resolve the issue?