C1_W1_Lab03_Cost_function Error

I have downloaded all the files needed for the laboratory experiment. However, the error seems to be related to the file name ‘deeplearning.mplstyle’, which is not a PyCharm file but an ‘mplstyle’ file. Do I need to provide an absolute path for it, or is there another solution? I have tried using the absolute path, but I still encounter the same error. How can I correct this error?

Besides, I would like to ask how to run the lab code correctly, whether to run it directly by clicking on Coursera or downloading a file to run it locally on PyCharm. I have tried both options and have encountered errors, not just in lab3. I am very confused and hope someone can help me.

I think you can safely ignore the mplstyle file, as I believe it only sets some preferences for the plot formatting. You can easily modify the notebook to use the default plot styles.