I can’t see the graphs in my environment here

same here if you find a solution please let me know

What do you mean by “my environment”? Your local computer or Coursera environment? Please share a screenshot of what you see. Any error or a blank screen?

my environment meant coursera environment either way problem is solved

try reloading or reopening the lab two three times it works

and it doesn’t work for me too like this can you help me ?

It seems you are running the assignment file on your local computer. Please read this.

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i think it may because of the modules that they created in venv and when i download the code in site and run in pycharm it doesn’t load for me cause the modules didn’t created in my editor , i mean (get_ipython().run_line_magic(‘matplotlib’, ‘widget’) and(from lab_utils_uni import plt_intuition, plt_stationary, plt_update_onclick, soup_bowl)
don’t you think like me?

I don’t understand what you say but I can run most of the assignments on my local computer using Anaconda and online using Colab.

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