C1 w1 lab03 cost function

Why is the soup_bowl not working like Coursera’s lab in my local Jupyter?

Most likely your browser is blocking the graphics pop-up window.
For example, browser plugins like ad blockers can cause this.

tried but no changes any other suggestions?

Hello farhana,

the reason it is not working as your local Jupyter requires you to have
%matplotlib widget

which again requires other necessary modules in your local Jupyter

Python 3.8.1
matplotlib 3.1.3
NumPy 1.18.1
ipywidgets 7.5.1
ipympl 0.4.1


Hi I have %matplotlib widget now.

as I can see from your pic you typed soup_bowl but the lab mention it as soup_bowl()

probably that is why it is not working as the output mentions the function is soup_bowl()

Thanks, Deepti!!.I shouldn’t make this mistake. It is working perfectly now. Thanks.
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Hello Farhana,

No problem, we all have been there. Sometimes we don’t tend to see our mistakes, so it is always good to have a non-judgmental group for a learners to grow.

You can select the appropriate comment which solved your issue as solution, so no further comments would be required.

Happy to help!!!

Keep Learning!!!