Problem with Code in Week 1, Lab-4

For Lab4 week 1 of Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification, I’m getting an error for the below code:

import numpy as np
%matplotlib widget
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from lab_utils_uni import plt_intuition, plt_stationary, plt_update_onclick, soup_bowl‘./deeplearning.mplstyle’)

I am using Python native to my computer via JupyterLab. The error reads:

No module named ‘ipympl’

Please advise. Thank you. M

In Lab-4 codes you can’t run it in your personal computer directly. Because some python file such as, already created by staff to visualize cost function 2D or 3D formatting style and help to finish this MLS W1 Lab-4 fruitfully. If you want to find out those file then go to Lab-4 first and click ‘File’ option of menu bar and see the files and codes of those files and see behind the visualization process. After that also If you insist to do it in your personal computer then create same files as you seen.

Hello @Mohamed_Desoky, perhaps you can try to install the module by python3 -m pip install ipympl?

For me working with python -m pip install ipympl

I’m facing same problem here?


I have written a reply to you here. Next time, please consider to open a thread, state clearly what the errors are by pasting the error messages in your post, and what you have done to try to resolve the issues.

I am closing this thread.