Not getting any plot view in Optional Lab

Hello team,

I am getting error as follows while learning the optional lab of week 3.

Please suggest me what should I do, I have downloaded the lab file and store it Into my local computer also , still I am getting same error.

Your Response is highly appreciated .

Thank you



Did you download all the supporting files for the lab as well? and is it accessible from where you start the jupyter notebook?

Hi Rahul,

There may be a versioning issue. Please open a new cell, paste the following, run it, and share the print result.

import ipywidgets
print('ipywidgets:', ipywidgets.__version__)

import matplotlib
print('matplotlib', matplotlib.__version__)

import ipympl
print('ipympl:', ipympl.__version__)

!jupyter --version

!echo 'jupyter-lab' 
!jupyter-lab --version

Screenshot from 2022-08-10 06-05-47

Hi sir

Still I am getting error like above picture, after implementing your code in my optional lab

Yes , But still I am getting same error as shown below.

So you are using JupyterLab 2, please check out this page for what you need to install for ipympl to work.

Also, your ipympl version is not listed in the compatibility table so I cannot tell whether it is compatible with the other components.

Please google about how to install new components or upgrade your components in your environment.