Malfunction of C1W1 labs

Hey, future ML Engineers.

I have been having problems with the optional labs in Course 1 week 1.

All of the imported module is not functioning and it keeps on returning module error.
Attached to this message are images of the said problem.

Every time you open the notebook, you have to run all of the cells starting from the first one at the top. That’s where all of the assets are imported.

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I did that, but I later found out “%Matplotlib widget” is the one causing problems.

It’s saying ModuleImportError

Is this the online Coursera Lab environment?

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I downloaded the optional labs to my PC, so I would be able to access it offline.

The functions are missing because the entire lab wasn’t downloaded only the notebook.
Go to the top right and select lab files → download all files.

For the missing modules add them to your python environment.
Check resources like below for help on setting up matplotlib.

Thanks for the reply, but I didn’t download only the notebook, I downloaded all the files.

How do I add matplotlib widget to my python environment?

How familiar are you with python tools like pip or anaconda?
If not familiar, I would suggest using the Coursera Lab Environment.

Otherwise, there’s the python docs Installing Python Modules — Python 3.10.7 documentation on how to install modules and manage your environments.

Okay, thanks for their response.