C1/W1/Lab1 utils not defined

When I type “utils” in the cell, as it is said in the instructions, I get the error that there is no module named “utils”. I don’t know how or where I can import it from. Could anyone help me?

utils should be a file in the file->open list of files that accompany the assignment. Normally something like this line should already be present around the first cell of the assignment

‘import utils’ or ‘from utils import xxxx’

So unless this is done for you which is probably the case, check that this utils file is present in the list of files for your lab and if its not, then you can import it as above.

Hello @Mazyar_Madjidpuy
Go to “File” menu of each Jupiter Notebook which imports “utils.py” and select “Open”.

Hi @Mazyar_Madjidpuy,

As @gent.spah and @jenitta.jebaraj have instructed, see if you have the utils.py in your workspace.

In case you don’t find it, when you open your assignment, on the top right there’s a “Help” option, click that and a panel will open. When it opens, press “Get latest version” and then “Update lab”. This will bring back any missing files in your workspace.

Let us know what happens,