Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings

The python note book calls for importing utils library, but after importing it I am not not able to use any of the modules in the library
Anyone had this issue and if yes, what should i do to overcome

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Hi @balaji.ambresh

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What course are you referring to?

Keep in mind that, in order to run the labs locally, you have to install the external packages or download the custom packages from the platform.

For example:

The utils package is a custom package.

Some packages might be attached in the course platform.

If you trying to running on your own environment, you have to download all the files related to the course in order to get it work.

For example:

You might be able to access all the stored files by clicking on the jupyter logo at the top-left.

This example above is from another course. Just take as a reference

I hope this help

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OK. Thanks. I understood. Appreciate the help.

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You welcome.

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