C1_W2 error in syntax

I am not familar to Python and I am getting a recurrent error in indentation, either for statements or in the for loop; I don´t know how to solve this. I know that is a silly question, but if someone can provide a hint, it is more than welcome!

Hi @RicardoFernandez,

A default choice for indentation is 4 whitespace. Tab and whitespaces are different. We need the same indentation within the whole for loop. The following code line should run fine:

for i in range(3):
    print('4 whitespaces before print')
    print('4 whitespaces again')

Please try to run it.
If you have an example with indentation error and you don’t know why, please copy and paste that code here.


Hi Raymond!

Thanks a lot! I will try it meter in the way.

Best wishes


Dr. Ricardo Fernández del Busto

Raymond, I now understand why my code was wrong. Thank you very much

That’s great Ricardo!