C1_W2_Lab03 Rescaling predicted normalized price to market price

I understood everything, regarding normalizing our elements and how the prediction in this space was faster and more accurate. I also got the part of how we predicted the market price of the house (in the example) in the normalized space. But what about un-entangling it , and getting the “real” marget prediction value? I saw in the notes, there is just a multiplication by 1000. I couldn’t make sense of it.
1000 came somehow arbitrarily to me. Any suggestions?

ps: Block 28 of the code given

Hi Kosmetsas,

In the lab, we only applied normalization to the features, but not the target price. Since we didn’t “normalize” the price, we don’t need to undo the “normalization”. The model is predicting the real price.

We need to multiply by 1000 only because the target price comes with the unit of (1000s dollars).


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