C1_W2_Linear_Regression submission error


I run the code below without any issues in the notebook. When I submit it - i am getting an error: "Code Cell UNQ_C2: Function ‘compute_gradient’ is incorrect. Check implementation. "

Hello @bskorodumov, welcome to this community!

It is required that the function produces two scalars:

      dj_dw (scalar): The gradient of the cost w.r.t. the parameters w
      dj_db (scalar): The gradient of the cost w.r.t. the parameter b 

and you may want to check whether your function is doing exactly that, such as by


Sometimes the public tests can’t catch all possible errors so you may find error messages like that at submission.

Good luck debugging, and cheers,

PS: Posting assignment code isn’t allowed, so I removed it for you.

thank you @rmwkwok - i did not realized it - doing something like this dj_dw.item(), dj_db.item() solved the issue. i would suggest to enforce this kind of check in public_tests.py for catching this because it do not as of now ( and thus local test will pass) and it is likely other people may encounter similar issues in the future.