C1_W2 need to know python?

Hi everyone! I need to ask you something. I’m in the week 2 and I can’t do my assignment. Should I know python for doing this assignment? I did see nothing about writing code with python in this course. Should I know? I really want to end this course, I like this but how can I do this assignment. If I need the know coding; I will start to learn Python before continue this course. Thank you for all answers.

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And also I wrote some code taking helps with hint. I got some errors but this is same with the hint. What’s wrong with me?

Yes, python programming is a requirement. This is a programming course.


Python is extremely specific about the use of indentation to define code blocks.

does anyone help how to download the Python for the IA? I download it but it is not related to the IA, and I am also learning about programming. any tips or guidelines.

@aldairsq, what exactly do you mean by “for the IA”?

there is a short video in which it is lunched by Python, that basically says "Load the API key and relevant Python libaries.

In this course, we’ve provided some code that loads the OpenAI API key for you.
i downloaded Python but not that one. i need some kind of help.

There are no OpenAI API keys used in this course.
You’ve posted in the forum for the Machine Learning Specialization course.
Which course are you taking?