C1_W2 Submit error

hey guys i dont know why when im trying to submit the lab i got this all the time “There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
name ‘w2_unittest’ is not defined” , when i run it i got all test passed though ?!

Did you try to reset your assignment and try again to pass the cell. Run your cell one by one and not run all, sometimes that can also create such error.

i dont know how to reset my assignment


Check this link. First try refreshing and updating your notebook. if that still gives you the same error. click help === get the latest version === Update

then Reboot is the next, this option you will find when you click help. If you are rebooting, then first save a file copy of your assignment. Then open your file=== delete the notebook. after rebooting. you will find fresh copy of your assignment work. Type your code by seeing the copy of version you saved before rebooting.