Linear Algebra for Machine learning and Data science : Week 2, Lab Submission Error

I have finished the assignment and checked the code in the testing sections. All the codes have been tested and passed. But when I submit the assignment for grading I get the following error for all the exercises :

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
No module named ‘w2_unittest’

Please help.

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HI @Archana_Dharmalingam

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Please, check this topic.
A friendly tip: make sure to search in the community for similar topics that might have a awared solution in order to not duplicate topics with the same issue around the community.

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Thanks @elirod , for letting me know about this.
Since i am new to Coursera, i am not quite aware of certain things. I shall make a search in the community for the issues before creating a query in future.

Thanks again !

I want help, I don’t know how to submit my homework in the linear algebra course. Every time I do the homework and send it, it shows me a score of zero, even though I test the solutions and they are correct. Would someone please help me?

Hi @Hagar_Atia

It is OK if you share your notebook with me?

If so, download your notebook and send me as a private message.

To do that, click on my avatar and hit the message button.

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Hi @Hagar_Atia

I look for something (in your notebook) that might be causing a error in your grade and found it that some tests failed.

Please, traceback your code and let me know the results.

Feel free to send me a private message

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