C1_W3_Assignment Exercise 2

I have the following test results:

But I have no idea how to influence on test cases. There were not split of data on train and test sets. Where is my mistake?



There was a bug with this assignment, it was resolved. Can you double check if it still happens? You may need to refresh your notebook.


I’m still getting this error. How do I resolve it? Is it okay to continue and get back to it when it is fixed? Thanks.

I’m responding to my own question, as I found the solution for this and the other errors I was getting. It turns out that the automated “checker” flags an answer wrong when the answer is written in a particular way, even if it is numerically correct. It seems the “checker” flags any some hard-coded answers as wrong; answers in codes are okay. That makes sense to me, and I wish there’s an early warning or instruction to answer in code.

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