Week 3 - C2 W3 Assignment

Good morning.

I had a problem with exercise 4 of the assignment.
It seems that I get the wrong output for Z1 for X: 47 test passed and 1 Test failed.
This has not impacted the further exercises of the test.
If this is a bug, it would be great to have it fix.

Have you tried submitting the assignment? I ran into something similar, but when I submitted, I still got full marks.

I had, and received full mark.
I think that is this is a bug or something else, it needs to be fixed, so someone does not spend time trying to understand what is wrong.

Dear Agnese,

Thanks for creating the new post. I am sorry I have not been able to answer yet. I am a bit behind this exercise yet. So, currently I am testing the Classification Lab, then I will continue with the Newtons lab and then I will get to this. So, bare with me. It will take me some time but eventually I will get to it, and when that time comes I will ping your for sure.

I am sorry, I have been slow but thing are crazy at work. So, I have not being able to get as much as time as I wish for the programing tasks. But, I will for sure :wink:

Hi Yeison,
no problem.
I understand.
All the best to you.

I have the same problem too:
Test case “change_weights_check”. Wrong output of Z1 for X =
[[ 5.46584646 6.71120407 7.21301753 … 1.77559174 3.52245562
[ 2.91868287 10.31812597 7.79616824 … 2.43434264 3.64044705
Test for i = 1, j = 1999.
47 Tests passed
1 Tests failed

Is there any solution to this?

Also in exercise 7 I get this result could you help me please?
Test case “extra_check”. Wrong shape of the weights matrix W1.
Expected: (3, 2).
Got: (2, 2).
Test case “extra_check”. Wrong shape of the bias vector b1.
Expected: (3, 1).
Got: (2, 1).
Test case “extra_check”. Wrong shape of the weights matrix W2.
Expected: (1, 3).
Got: (1, 2).
5 Tests passed
3 Tests failed

Hi Carlos,
if you submit the assignment, this will not be counted as missed.
I received full mark for the assignment.
It seems there is a not fixed bug.

Do you get this answer from C2-W3, question 7?

Thank you for the answer, it is Exercise 7 Build your neural network model in nn_model() of the assignement Neural Network with Two Layers .
I tried to submit the assignment but got 0 marks.

Hi Carlos,
I am sorry to hear that.
Have you tried to contact the TA?
I am just a student.
If you share the code you have been using, perhaps I can help you.

how can I contact the TA?

Exercise 4: forward propagation

Implement forward propagation to calculate A2.

### START CODE HERE ### (~ 4 lines of code)
Z1 = np.dot(W1,X)+b1
A1 = sigmoid(Z1)
Z2 = np.dot(W2,A1)+b2
A2 = sigmoid(Z2)

when you join the Community, look for the course you have been taking, then look at the post and who has created the post, and you will see if it is part of the DeepLearning AI team or a student.
Send to the DeepLearning AI team a message, they will be back to you.

This is how it worked for me.

@Agnese Hey I am back. I am sorry it took quite a while to make room on my schedule to finish the W3 testing. So, I am done with the assignment. Do you still need help? I can help you to understand the issue you are having in case you still have that question.

@Carlos_Merino Were you able to fix your problem? I can help you in case you still need it.

Good morning Yieson,

thank you for your offer.
I have solved the problem I had.
I wish you a good day.

Excellent news Agnese