C2_W3_Assignment. Error in exercise 7

I got the above error while executing the code. Any help on how to clear that?

Hello @Bhagyesh_Reddy
The error is telling us that the two arrays you are trying to use in the operation have different shapes: (3,5) and (2,5). The first dimension of the two arrays (3 and 2) do not match, which means that they cannot be broadcasted together.

Please try checking whether the vectors you are using have a compatible shape. Also, edit the post, You can’t share your assignment answers publicly.

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Hello…I was solving week 2 assignment of 1st courrse…While executing the code it says “All test Passed” but when I see grade it show 0 out of 10…could you look into it?Thanks

Hello @akanchha_choudhary
Have you tried partial grading? Using #grade-up-to-here

Yes I tried …I wrote to grade upto exercise 3 but it seems i need to get atleast 80 to pass…i am gettig 50

Hello, @akanchha_choudhary I think for your case the grader is fine. Probably you need to revise your assignment’s answers. Passing all tests doesn’t necessarily mean your answers are correct!

I would also suggest you move the #grade-up-to-here to the last cell of the final exercise to make sure everything has been graded.

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Hi Isaak,

I get all tests passed till exercise 6 in the C2_W3 assignment. But, get ‘Assertion error’ when I execute exercise 7 and it specifically points to forward_propagation for A2. But, the individual exercise for forward_propagation was correct and tests passed without error. I’m not able to rectify this error and hence unable to pass the assignment - since all the remaining exercises depend on this one particular error to be resolved.