C1_W3_Programming_Assignment Grading Issue

Can someone help with correcting my code? All of my tests passed but somehow, I am getting a 0/100 on my assignment.

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OH SAME, if you get to know please help me too

Please post the feedback that you get from the grader. There will be a drop-down for each assignment that gives you more information.

For every exercise, I am getting the feedback of: “There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (3,2) (2,1)”

Most likely this means there is an error in your code, where your code only works for the specific size and shape of data set used in the notebook. The grader tests your code with different data.

So how am I supposed to fix this? Or can I send you my Lab ID so you can specifically tell me what my error is?

First you should review your code and see if you’ve written code that only works for one size of data set. For example, hard-coding any dimensions is usually a bad idea.

Using global variables is also a common issue.

Are you able to help me identify what specific code of mine only works for one size of data set like you mentioned? Because I have been reviewing this assignment for the past four days and still haven’t figured out what the correct code is. Please and thank you.

Check your private messages for instructions.