Course 1 week 3 assignment grading problem

Hi All,

I am having a grading issue with the course 1 week 3 programming assignment. Inside the notebook, everything runs fine and code gets “All tests passed”. Also - my final costs equal the expected costs written in the markdown notes. But when I submit, grades for exercise 5 & 6 are reduced (screen shot below). Even though all grades up to there are 100%, which suggests that there are no issues with the code I wrote.

Does anybody have any similar issues or suggestions?

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Apologies for anyone wasting time reading this - reviewing my code I realised that I did not multiply the scaling 0.01 across the weights matrix in exercise 3! It’s worth noting that the grader does NOT pick this up as an error and gives 100%.

Interesting also - even with weights starting out different by a factor of 2, the model still converges in the same number of iterations. Probably due to the small & linear sample size I guess :thinking:

On the plus side, my own bugs continue to educate me :smiley:

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