C1W2_Assignment not grading


the lab assignment of week 2 is not grading me and i don’t know what the issue is…there are three exercises…the first exercise was graded but the second and third is not getting graded…please help…

im attaching the image of exercise 2 and 3:

exercise 2:

exercise 3:

Hello there,

You are not allowed to post code solutions publicly because it defeats a learners purpose!

Try to restart the kernel and run all cells again and if there is a lab submit button try that too!

hello, i am sorry about the screenshots…YES I GOT IT…thank you so much…sorry for the trouble.

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hello @neeraja13
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You posted this query under AI for everyone - Weak 1. Now I have re-categorized into Math for Machine Learning/ Linear Algebra for Machine Learning/weak 2. In future, when you post, be cautious about the course under which you are posting. If you post under correct course, it is easy for the particular mentor to answer your query earlier.

I had a similar experience yesterday with an assignment in Calculus. I wrote code in a local version and copied my work into the hosted notebook. I found that I have to manually save (CTRL + S) the notebook before it would grade the work. Also, make sure you don’t have # grade-up-to-here inserted into any of the blocks by mistake.