Issue on the grade of the practice lab week 3

I have passed all the tests in the 5 exercises but the grade can’t compute this please anyone help me to finish this week

Hello. I’m sorry to read that the grader didn’t compute your code. Download and save your notebook, click on help, get the most recent version of the exercise, and reinitialize the server. Use Google Colab or another Python Notebook editor to open your saved notebook side by side with a new instance of the exercise. Cut and paste the missing code blocks. Please do not show your code here. Although I see you hard-coded the number of examples in your exercise. This should not be done. Use the shape attribute instead with the appropriate X dimension. See if it works. Good luck mate.

Coursera seems to be having widespread technical issues with the graders at this time.

I do not think that is necessary at this time, since the graders seem to be broken.

I do everything you tell me, but I have the same problem.
I think this problem is from Coursera. but how I passed all the tests in 5 exercises and still my grade 0%

Still not working? Like @TMosh said there were technical issues with the grader.

Same problem for me.

Same problem for me