C1_W2_Assignment Ex 1


I’m not getting marks for question 1 on the assignment despite creating a matrix and vector as shown and all tests passing.

The feedback from the grader suggests that the shape is incorrect. The grader feedback is 'There was a problem grading your submission. Details:
operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (5,) (4,) ’

Im not sure where I’m going wrong or if this is a bug. More likely the former, but I’m not understanding the error message as the shape checks out as far as I can see

Hello @Michael_Gordon and welcome to the deep learning community.

Please check out this thread for more about your error C2_W3_Assignment. Error in exercise 7 (for your case I think you have two arrays with shapes (5,) and (4,) , which are incompatible)

Happy Learning

Hi Isaak,

thanks for responding. I’m still having issues with this. I can’t understand why the shapes (5,) and (4,) are being quoted by the marker error as my code passes the tests. Also, when checking the shapes, the output is as the screenshot.

Hello @Michael_Gordon the matrix shapes looks compatible,

Have you tried using partial grading #grade-up-to-here?

Hi @Isaak_Kamau ,

No I haven’t. But I have now. If I put #grade-up-to-here directly after the end code here tag, I get 10 points for the question. If I put it after the unit test function, I get 10 points. However, if 8 don’t have it at all, I get the broadcast error still. I think something is broken on my workbook. I also tried updating lab to latest version and rebooting the server. Still no change. If you want to check it out, my lab id is: ssbzvkluykhr

It’s driving me mad because I know it’s the right answer, bit the marker keeps failing.

Hello @Michael_Gordon Please share with me your notebook (Privately/DM) I will have a look at it tomorrow.

In the meantime please continue with the rest of the course!

Hi @Isaak_Kamau. Thank you. I will do. Enjoying it so far.