C1_W3_Assignment - Question 6 Assertion Error

I have got all of the previous questions correct so am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that all of the code leading up to this point is OK.

For question 6 I am getting the following error

The code I used is:

START CODE HERE ### (~ 1 line of code)

parameters_multi = nn_model(X_multi_norm, Y_multi_norm, num_iterations=100, print_cost=True)


print("W = " + str(parameters_multi[“W”]))
print("b = " + str(parameters_multi[“b”]))

W_multi = parameters_multi[“W”]
b_multi = parameters_multi[“b”]

The error message is not specific enough for me to figure out where I’m going wrong.


Seems like there is an issue with your forward_propagation function. For whatever reason the function is not returning a matrix of the correct shape in this particular test case.

Thank you for your suggestion. I went back and reviewed everything and it appears that I already had everything correct. It must have been an issue related to me initially having the notebook open for a while and then having to re-open it. Perhaps it cleared some of the previously saved variables.

It worked when I re-ran everything today.