C1_W3_Assignment - Zero grade

Hi, I already finished my lab and I had all tests passed but when I’m going to submit it I get 0/100.

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Are you getting a “Grader failure” message, or does grading your notebook just give you 0 points?

the notebook gives me 0 points

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Please post a screen capture image that shows the detailed grader feedback.

The most common reason for getting 0 points is if you are using an out-of-date version of the notebook.

The easiest way to tell is to look at the forward_propagation() function, and count how many arguments are in the function definition.

If there are two, you have the old notebook.

If it looks like this (with three arguments), then you have to current notebook:

I observed the same incident.

I noticed that the forward_propagation(X, parameters) had two parameters.

Can I ask how to resolve these incidents?

I also posted a topic here early today, but it was hidden by Akismet.

Thank you.

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The function forward_propagation have three arguments.

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@Henry_Li, you need to delete your current notebook (use the File menu), and also delete the w3_unittest.py file.

Then use “Help → Get latest version”, then go to the File menu and double-click on the new notebook.

Then you can start over on the assignment.

@Julian_Vera, the “Grader Error” is a known temporary issue with the Coursera platform. The course staff has been notified.


@TMosh I did what you instructed three times.

But the method forward_propagation(X, parameters) had two parameters still had two parameters instead of three.

The notebook after update was still from three months ago.

Can I ask how can I resolve this incident?

Thank you very much!

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Hey Julian,
I got the same problem, i.e. the “Unexpected Error”. That happened right after I pay for the full year subscription to Coursera. Is that the reason?


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@Henry_Li, are you working on the same assignment as Julian? It looks to be a different one.

@Jimmy0Jimmy, no there is a breakdown at Coursera currently.

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oh okay, thank you sir. I guess we have to wait then.

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@TMosh Thank you for reminding.

It is “Planar data classification with one hidden layer”.

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That’s from an entirely different course.

This thread is about Math for Machine Learning, Course 1, Week 3.

Your notebook is from Deep Learning Specialization, Course 1 Week 3.

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Thank you mentor! :+1:

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@TMosh Thank you very much!

Even I face the same issue here, @TMosh what should I do to resolve the grading issue

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There is nothing you can do but wait for it to be fixed.

Yeah! I am also getting ‘Grader Error’ msg!

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