C1_W3_Lab_3_linear_transformations, Transform 2D vector to 3D vector

This function transforms a 2-dimensional vector space into a 3-dimensional vector space. Is the result of this transformation just the same as the result done in 2-dimensional?

is[[9] [0] [-10]] equal to [[9][-10]]

I’m not sure what you are asking. But I’ll try to help anyway. The function is a transformation T of a 2-D vector into a 3-D vector done by defining a zeros 3x1(3 rows x 1 column) matrix and substituting the desired elements of the matrix by operations on elements of the v vector. Here T is not yet defined as a multiplication of matrices. This is shown further down in the exercise. [[9] [0] [-10]] is not equal to [[9][-10]]. These vectors have different dimensions. But the first is the result of applying T to the latter. I hope I have been helpful. Good luck mate.

Thanks, mate. it really helps