C1_W3_Lab04_LogisticLoss_Soln typo?

Is there a typo in the markdown cell under the heading Logistic Loss Function? The formula given includes

log(1βˆ’π‘“π°,𝑏(𝐱(𝑖))), if 𝑦(𝑖)=0

I think it should be:

- log(1βˆ’π‘“π°,𝑏(𝐱(𝑖)))

Thanks for your report. I’ll check and if there is a typo, I’ll submit a ticket for it.

Here’s what I see in that lab:

This appears correct.

If you see an error, please post an image that you’ve marked-up to highlight the issue.


Thanks for following up.

Interestingly when I first open the Lab, I get this:

If I choose β€œRevert to checkpoint”, it reverts back to your screenshot…

Maybe just a quirk in online notebooks.

Clear your cache and cookies, I think you have an old copy of the notebook.