Problem with lab "C1_W3_Logistic_Regression"

I am encountering some problems with my labC1_W3_Logistic_Regression. In exercice 3, 2.6, I have to run cells code and not change anything. However, when i run it, it doesn’t work. My problem is that those are the code cells from the lab and I cannot modify them. And when I post my assignment for grading I have 0 because of this even though I did everything else okay. Can someone help me. This is urgent as i have finished this course but cannot access the next one and validate this one without this lab.
Thank you for reading,
Louise Veron

Hi @loulouveron,

The format of the assignments is that, we have some “graded code cells” that contain your work, and we have some “public tests cells” that run your work. The errors caught by the public tests will be shown under the tests’ cells, but since they are testing your work, the source of the error should be traced back to one of those “graded code cells” which you have access to edit them.

The proper way to ask for suggestions here is to post the full error traceback, so that people can comment. You might check out this or this for how you might do that.

Please open a new thread with the full error traceback. I am closing this thread.