Running the ProteinGAN lab in google colab:
When trying to download the pre-trained model using the cell:

# Downloading pre-trained ProteinGAN model
!gdown https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1zOXwKxK_PvYck70vxWv6vSHuEqVQWkYU
!unzip pre_trained_protein_gan.zip

returns the following error:

Failed to retrieve file url:

	Cannot retrieve the public link of the file. You may need to change
	the permission to 'Anyone with the link', or have had many accesses.

You may still be able to access the file from the browser:


but Gdown can't. Please check connections and permissions.
unzip:  cannot find or open pre_trained_protein_gan.zip, pre_trained_protein_gan.zip.zip or pre_trained_protein_gan.zip.ZIP.

Since the URL seems to be broken:

Link in the lab can be replaced with the following to work properly:

!gdown https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1vuxHqsRHc-K-gqXK7AJqaC54f7PtKmOX

@mrgransky, can you try again? I just tried and it seems OK now. The URL now matches the URL that was suggested:

# Downloading pre-trained ProteinGAN model
!gdown https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1vuxHqsRHc-K-gqXK7AJqaC54f7PtKmOX
!unzip pre_trained_protein_gan.zip

This assignment was recently updated to fix another issue - at just about the same time you were trying it. I suspect the problem is that you got an older version of the notebook, but by the time you were running it, that link had been changed. I think it will work now for you, if you try again with the latest version of the notebook. Just confirm that the URL is as shown in the code lines I pasted above.