C1 W4: Facing technical problem on the quiz

I am going to start the quiz of Week 4 but it is showing me “The time allotted has expired, please submit.”
What to do? Please kindly help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

I have never encounted that error, so I don’t have a ready answer. My suggestion would be to try hitting the “Refresh” button in your browser and see if that changes the state. Or try opening the quiz again from a new browser tab. If that doesn’t help, then just click Submit and you’ll get a bad score if you haven’t answered any of the questions. Then try the quiz again and see if things work normally the next time around. The downside of course is that you get only 3 attempts at a quiz per 8 hour period, so that method will have “burned” one of your 3 tries.

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Thank you so much. After clicking submit, the page has worked normally.

That’s good news! Thanks for letting us know what happened, so that we can remember that for future students who hit this problem. Onwards! :nerd_face:

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