[C1 W4] [Video: Locality sensitive hashing] Possible misprint in the Question part

Dear DeepLearning.AI team,

I’m writing to you regarding the question “Given the following vectors, determine the true statements” in the video “Locality sensitive hashing” (Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces, Course #1, Week #4).

It seems like all the vectors in the question are represented as vector-columns. So the dimensions of the vectors might be treated as (2, 1).

All the answers below have only one way of multiplication P*V_i^T, i \in \{1, 2, 3\}.
Multiplying a vector with dimension(2, 1) by a vector with dimension (1, 2) gives us a matrix with (2, 2) shape. Hm, not just one value as it was assumed to be.

I’m so sorry, perhaps it would be a little bit less confusing, if the vectors were represented as rows or the options had a transpose sign in a corresponding place.

Thank you so much!
With best regards,

Hi Halyna,

Thanks for reporting this! To be consistent with the rest of the video, the vectors should be presented as row vectors rather than column vectors. I’ll make a note to people working on the backend to resolve this.


Dear @reinoudbosch,
Thank you so much!