Conflicting Answers Expected Within the SAME quiz

In the quiz of week 4, we are asked in the quiz:

But literally the very next question says the opposite:

Honestly, it would be more respectful to the students to fix these inconsistencies, especially given the high price for the specialisation.

The video lectures have a lot of inconsistencies, but those are harder to fix, I understand. But quizzes?!

It should be easily doable.

And It is especially funny given how much Prof Ng stresses out the importance of checking dimensions.

Hi @Oleksandra_Sopova,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I shall have these fixed.


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I think you are misinterpreting things.

In the first question, you checked that b was (1, 4) in other words a row vector. They marked that incorrect and the answer explains that is because b is a column vector.

In the second question, you again check an option that says b is a row vector. They mark it incorrect and tell you that the reason is that b should be a column vector. The correct answer to the second question was the first option, which you did not select.

How is that inconsistent?