C1 - Week 2 - Exercise 8 - ValueError: cannot reshape array of size

Hi, I am getting the below ValueError in C1 - Week 2 - Exercise 8.

Model test - All test passed and the test accuracy is 70.0%
I am getting below Value Error when I “Run” the Example of a picture that was wrongly classified.
Requesting your help. Thanks.

Note: I have the copy of the original notebook (Logistic Regression with a Neural Network mindset) where I did NOT face this error while executing. I get this error only in the main notebook and I didn’t find any difference between these version of notebook.

Error Trace:

The value of num_px should be 64. Did you perhaps “repurpose” that variable name somewhere in code that you added? 209 is the number of training samples, so it’s not clear how that would end up as the number of pixels.

In Exercise 1, found the training set had an different / incorrect index number so num_px had 209 (train sample) instead of 64 (image height / width). It is now corrected and resolved. Thanks a lot for your help.